Someone should message me! I need a kik buddy cause I can’t sleep. 


Concert this weekend


So I’m seeing Set It Off in Portland on Saturday, and I have an extra ticket I don’t know what to do with :/

NJ People!!…or Philly or Baltimore!


Who wants to get a group together so we can place a bid for Set It Off to play at one of our houses on August 19th?!?! Message me! I’d gladly travel to Philly or Baltimore as well!

gogetterjackie asked:
Hey! Did you see SIO posted on Facebook that they might do a house show in either NJ, Philly, or Baltimore? If you're in the area we should get a group together to place a bid! I'm from Jersey, but I'd travel to either place to see them :)

I do visit Baltimore a lot but I doubt it’ll coincidentally line up for that! We’ll see. But I’ll post this to the page to see if anyone else is up for it! 


sayyestostylinson asked:
Do you know if sio stays after the show to meet people or do they leave right away? And do you know what merch they have and about how much it is? Sorry if this is annoying, I'm just seeing them tomorrow and was curious. Thanks(:

Normally if you stay until the end of the show, they’ll be by their merch table or go hang outside and you can talk and get pictures with them.

As for merch, I know they’re selling their beanie for about $10-$15. Their shirts are normally $20. Bracelets are $5. And they should be selling their Cinematics CD for $10. I’m not sure about anything else. Haha. Hope I helped a bit!



have an edit of maxx with a flower crown


Cody Carson is seriously the sweetest human being ever. It makes me really upset that I never actually got to meet him, but I’m so glad that my best friend, thefadedsun asked him to make a video for me. I seriously wanted to stay home from the cruise just so I could’ve went to this concert but I wasn’t allowed to. I can’t believe he actually took the time to say more than just “hi.”


Day 2 favorite photo of set it off. I can’t pick one cause I have too many favorites XP in that last one the leopard is obviously Cody ;) XD


edited so i dont look so pale but now u can’t see cody’s hat


Set It Off at The Garage in Burnsville, MN on 7/27/14

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