Help me out quick?

Hey guys! What size in the Duality flag? Anyone have measurements or size comparison???? 



Met sio again today(for the third time) and Austin was hugging me so much I started to shake because I was so happy and he was stroking my back and was so sweet he’s so good at giving hugs.
Maxx also told me that we can be homeless together bc of our flannels and it was so sweet and Austin was telling me how I was cooler than him and dan and cody was so sweet and they waved at me and I’m crying


So this happened


Cody gives no shits


I want a blonde guy with blue eyes that plays drums and likes harry potter and blink 182 and has a cat and a nose ring and is a huge nerd and is in an orchestral pop band and is named Maxx and looks like Maxx Danziger and acts like Maxx Danziger and is Maxx Danziger I want Maxx Danziger

What is the best way to break the news to your friend that Maxx has a girlfriend? I don’t think I have it in me to break their little heart. 


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Showing my Duality love! setitoffband stressball

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Cody Carsons instagram is my weakness

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