May have gotten very bored just now and decided to try and make the guys on FaceQ… Not to shabby. Could have done better! Lol


the real question is

are there actually any good set it off blogs on tumblr

fuckyeahsetitoffgifs is pretty awesome. 


Set It Off - Come Alive Tour 2014 (by Julia Boudreaux)
House Of Blues
Houston, TX
August 13th, 2014


Set It Off

by Marleigh Flowers

Stop, and think about it. You only have one life, so why mistake it as something negative?
Set it Off (via completeflummery)


I’m so excited that the size limit was upped to 2MB!

I got our first give away item packaged and ready to be shipped out this week. This is so exciting! Can’t wait for our follower to receive her autographed custom poster!



I guess I never uploaded these so, some pictures from The Come Alive Tour in Dallas??


Set It Off

Pub Rock

Scottsdale, Arizona


Set It Off (by Owen Paterline Photography)

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