my friend got me a video of Cody Carson saying hi to me tonight I’m so happy

The date for my tattoo is looming closer and closer and I honestly just have no idea what I want to get now…


It’s the same each and every night. Glare at my screen with two big bloodshot eyes. I’m stuck self-torturing; my meds are failing me. Internal clock in smithereens.Can’t fix this, I’m hopeless.
Set It Off- “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (via thatcrazygingerlady)
Anonymous asked:
Hi so I'm hoping to see the boys during their tour with FIR and BVB. Apparently some tickets are on sale already. I know they did contest thing for meet and greets, do they ever just sell meet and greet tickets?

Many people have been asking about that. I don’t think they really sell meet and greet tickets for SIO because they are so easy to meet and greet with at this point. I mean yes I had VIP for one of the Come Alive Tour dates but it wasn’t much different than finding the guys before or after the show. In fact it made it a lot more awkward in my opinion and took the fun out of seeing them. I don’t think SIO sells m&g tickets. The Come Alive Tour was the first time they did that, and that was because they were headlining the tour. They could for this tour as well but I doubt they will since they aren’t the headlining band. I’m sure you’ll be able to meet them with or without a m&g ticket.



Set It Off is so talented and I absolutely cannot get over it.


Set It Off this past Saturday at my Come Alive tour date



My best friend caught austinmkerr doing this little dance and it was the cutest thing ever so I made it into a gif❤️ setitofffamily setitoffband hidden-scars-will-kill

he’s so cute someone help me.



Cody Carson | Set It Off

Salt Lake City, UT - Club Sound

March 6, 2014



Idk I just really like Set It Off

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