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Separated by a screen; it’s just a bittersweet success with a dash of failure. I’m hanging by a thread, intentions cut to shreds. I’m starting to lose my grip so someone please distract me, I need a new obsession. Am I just going crazy? I’ll never learn my lesson because I would kill to be a mile away, to feel the breath you’ll take but fate won’t let me.
'Distance Disturbs Me' by Set It Off (via bostonflavor)


Tonight I ended up near the same spot (but a bit closer to the stage) I stood when I first saw SIO perform—on December 21, 2012. I remember seeing Cody standing on the crowd and being in absolute awe of him. When he walked into the same spot again tonight, on their sixth anniversary, I knew I had to capture it. They have more fans now (and I have a better camera), but the SIO Family is still holding you up, Cody. And we always will be behind all of you.

Totally saw you tonight but you didn’t look at me so I could say hi when I turned around! Lol 



wow this edit actually took forever but I really like it bc he’s sexy


My favorite person

Attractive Brazilian man I met at the show tonight. WHAT IS YOUR NAME! Come back! I want to befriend you and your awesome beard! 


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Got a stubbly kiss on the cheek from Cody tonight. I recommend this to everyone. Get a Cody kiss! 



So this was my night. 


Set It Off-1 (by zfoerst1)

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